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An Old Paint Can Gets A New Life – What To Do With An Old Paint Can

New Use For Old Rusty Paint Can

What to do with an old paint can……….

We see the really old paint cans with the wonderful graphics on them all the time. It’s a given that most of us like and appreciate them. But what about the later cans? The ones that had paper labels and are now just rusty, metal cans? I want to say that they can be equally as appealing. 

I pulled this one out of storage and a few minutes later had this “vase.”

New Use For Old Rusty Paint Can

Wouldn’t that be a pretty Valentine’s Day decoration that moves easily into spring and summer? 

And what about other uses? It could hold shop supplies, craft supplies, kitchen utensils, office supplies….. It has a feminine and industrial look at the same time. 

Don’t have an old paint can lying around? Well, I just happen to have another in my {Etsy shop} and the one pictured above is in our booth at Angel’s in Opelika. But if it stays there long, it’ll have to come home with me. I really like it.

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  1. Fabulous idea !!!

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