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What? Is this all?

Let’s start with Friday. The sales around here were, um, just a little less than enticing. But there were three estate sales advertised in Birmingham. Do I go or do I stay? What do you think? Ready, set…. GO! Lena drove.

First sale was very nice and neat, but was a fancy yard sale. A real fancy yard sale, only it was inside. Not a moving sale. Not an estate sale. I overheard the lady saying she and her husband lived there. It was in two rooms, no three. The porch, living room and dining room. Of a tiny, but older and charming, apartment/garden home type dwelling. And boy, did they have nice stuff. Fine antiques at fine antique store prices. Really fine. And they’d done their research. A book of Maxfield Parrish prints – $700. Because someone had sold a book in similar condition on eBay for that much. Ummm… sell it on eBay yourself, then. Lena actually said that, but in a very nice and tactful way. The lady said she was going to get someone to do it for her. She’d bought a watch off eBay once and found it very hard to figure out.

So, OK. Lena bought a basket and… and… uh… something else. I do remember she managed to only spend $12.00. $10 and $2. She probably bought two of only 3 things priced at less than $100. I bought nothing. Too disgusted. Junk! Gimme junk! So on to the next.

We found the house easily. Felt quite proud of ourselves. But where are the cars? Has everyone already come and gone? The ad said 7:00 and it was about 10:00. Whatever, not a good sign. And speaking of signs, there was a large one tacked to a tree in the middle of the front yard. Lena looked at it, apparently without actually reading it, and thought it said “now”. We look at the house. There’s no sign on the front door to tell us to enter or go around as they so often do. We considered walking up to the front door and walking in, but things just didn’t feel right. I walked around back, following the driveway to the basement garage. There was stuff in the driveway and some in the garage and a lady working with it. She turned around and said it didn’t start until 12:00. Oops. She said to come back, but I had to be back in town by 11:00. Couldn’t come back. Lena asked could we go ahead and look, but nothing doin’. Disgruntled yet again, we left.

There’s still another sale which means there’s still hope. (There were quite a few yard sales that all started their ads with baby stuff, toys and clothes. Those weren’t on our list. We can do that in Sylacauga.) The next sale turned out to be in the basement. And overpriced. Belts $5.00 each. Lena observed that half burned candles were 50¢. And there was absolutely nothing of interest there. Well, I did see a pretty, yellow, home made dress from the 60s, but at $10, passed. However I did buy something there. My only two purchases for the day:

No, that’s not a giant rooster. He’s only 2″ tall.

Can you believe that? What a waste of time and gas. But the company was good. Lena and I haven’t been able to get out together in awhile.

Speaking of Lena, we got to meet a marble carver from Italy. Next post. Tomorrow? Maybe if I go ahead and write it, I’ll post it tomorrow. Yeah. That’s what I’ll do. Actually, I have several posts in me this week. I’ll have to do that for all of them.

3 thoughts on “What? Is this all?

  1. Well, it’s never a waste of time when you get to spend time with a dear friend and later laugh at the overpriced junk that you managed to let slip thru your fingers!!! Sounds as though you and Lena had a great time!

  2. We went out last weekend -hubby found some tools and a spitoon!!! Me – Nada!!! Tomorrow we will go to the Estate Sale of the sweet lady who was my Sunday School teacher in college….I think I will be sad! We had a solar blanket on the pool and it warmed up the water. I’ve been in every day this week and will be most of the weekend!!!

  3. I’m so glad Lena asked the lady with the Maxfiedl Parrish book why she didn’t sell it on ebay- my comment would have been- “the one person in the world who’s willing to pay $700 for that book already has one”.

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