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Tupperware Doilies and A Vintage Tupperware Video

Tupperware doilies

Vintage Tupperware. Some of it is downright fun! Did you know Tupperware made doilies? I had no idea until I ran across some a couple of weeks ago. They’re white plastic, soft and bendable. The 12″ ones could go under a plate and the 6″ ones could serve as coasters. Doesn’t that just about complete the perfect Tupperware table? 

I found two of the 12″ diameter doilies still with their oval, Tupperware tag attached. 

12 Round, Vintage Tupperware Doily 

There were four, unopened packs of 6 each of the 6″ doilies! Plus some extras I haven’t listed yet.

Unopened pack of white, 6", vintage Tupperware doilies

At the same sale, I found a vintage, Tupperware party games booklet. How fun!

Tupperware Party Games Booklet

And right about the same time I saw this old Tupperware video/commercial on Facebook from the Good Old Days Club. So to keep make this post interesting instead of being just an “I’ve got this for sale” post, here’s that fun video.

I do love the hair and how everyone was dressed up. That’s how they dressed when they went anywhere. I remember getting a bath and dressing up to go shopping in town on Saturday mornings, or dressing to go to the grocery store. It’s appalling how people dress when they leave the house these days, especially Wal-Mart! But I’m also surprised how people dress to go to the doctor. I can remember when that was a dress up affair! After saying all that, I must make it clear that I live in jeans. I do dress them up a bit with the top, though. 

If you’re interested in buying any of the doilies or the booklet, here are the links:

Blog shop: 12″ doilies ~~~ 6″ doily packs ~~~ Tupperware Party Games

Or if you prefer Etsy: 12″ doilies ~~~ 6″ doily packs ~~~ Tupperware Party Games



2 thoughts on “Tupperware Doilies and A Vintage Tupperware Video

  1. Interesting! Can’t believe how “dressed” all those ladies are! My goodness, just to attend a Tupperware party! Would you say this is the 60’s?

    Now Wanda, I was a little disappointed to discover that you weren’t doing this video yourself! Heehee….

    1. I think ’60s, yes. A Tupperware party was an event! Glad you said that about the video. The post title *was* a bit misleading, so I changed it. ūüėÄ

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