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The Mother Of All Estate Sales

Ooo… I’m getting way behind. This sale I’m talking about was 2 weekends ago! And tomorrow starts another, so…. let me tell you about The Mother Of All Estate sales.

It was advertised as 5000 sq. ft. of stuff. Antiques, collectibles and stuff. And it was. As advertised. Tables end to end, four rows each long room. And it was all good! And all hard to resist prices. It was tough making decisions. I don’t think there was a thing there I wouldn’t have taken home if I could have. So I shopped until I ran out of money. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the sale. It’s hard to shop, think and take pics. This is what I came home with:



Little black stool, wonky neck bottle, 3 butter pats (look better than they do in the picture), big ol’ shoe horn, canning jar lids, white door knob, glass door knob, small oil can, tin star mold, furniture cornice piece, black iron trivet.














Spaghetti poodle, two metal flowers, old hat and an Italian jewelry box that needs new knobs.





Look at that cool wheel thing. Know what it is? I thought it was a movie projector reel, but turns out it’s a dryer wheel. Not as romantic, but still a neat piece. Got some more bottles, a square wire basket and an orange, enamel bowl and tiny owl. The basket, bowl and owl have already found a new home. The wonderful, primitive, carved, well bucket is on auction this week (click here to see).




Really unusual flower frog and small cigar box. I’m probably keeping both those things for myself.




Market basket #1.




Market basket #2.




Funny little iron base.




Perfect for Halloween black candelabra.




And finally, my splurge for the day. I had a little money left and thought about the more expensive things and wondered which one thing I would regret not buying and this Victorian pitcher won. It’s glass lined and has an ice lip. It’s about a foot tall and weighs a ton! Our ancestors must have had awesome muscles.


I needed no other sale that day. That one satisfied me totally. And took all the money I had to spend for the weekend. As I’m looking at the pictures, they’re so not as exciting as they were when I was piling them up. I was like a deer in headlights looking at all the stuff.

I’m having a sidewalk/yard sale by the shop on Saturday. If you’re close by, come on down! Everything is cheap, cheap, cheap!

6 thoughts on “The Mother Of All Estate Sales

  1. Great stuff Wanda…loved the black spaghetti poodle…may have to come live at Tiff’s house

  2. Oh how I wish I could join in your sidewalk sale. What a wonderful load of treasures you found. I’m really hoping the sales are good to me tomorrow. I need my fix;-)

  3. Ooh, love the star-shaped baking thing and the Italian jewelry box (that *really* does belong here with me…and that orb-shaped flower frog. Please let me know when you list the jewelry box….

  4. I want a ‘market did I miss those? If there is one left, save it for me. Melanie

  5. Wow, You hit the jackpot! I love everything but especially the bucket and wheel.
    Hugs, Sherry

  6. Oh Man, I want all of it, I tell ya, ALL OF IT. Love your quad late pitcher. I adore quad plate, the common man’s silver. LOL Sea Witch

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