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The move out of the shop is done

No pictures today. Haven’t had time to take any! In case anyone has been following the few posts I’ve written recently I thought I’d give a quick update. (Ha! Quick? Me?)  The move out of the old shop is finished. We locked the doors for the last time at 5 minutes til midnight July 2. Two days after the goal.

There are approximately 30 storage tubs of booth worthy items. A 10×30 foot storage unit is packed with those, seasonal booth stuff and furniture waiting to be readied for the booths. I don’t have to shop for inventory for a long time. We… uh, hubby, Got bless him… hauled countless truckloads to the house for a yard sale. The amount of stuff grew and grew and grew. I had no idea. Where did it all come from? I pick and choose stuff to buy. How did I end up with so much crap?

A lot of things had been given to us and there were things from the remains of a few estates, but still. I was mortified at the amount of just plain ol’ junk. The past week was spent preparing for the Big A** Yard Sale. We started putting it out Thursday around noon, stopped about 9:00 that night, and still had stuff to put out Friday morning and again on Saturday. And I forgot the things I’d brought home from the booths that had worn out their welcome!

To give you an idea of how much stuff we had, there was maybe $100-150 of $20 items. The rest was under $5-10, with the majority, probably 80-90%, being 25¢. We pulled out just over $600 and still hauled 4 truck loads to the GW!!! Crazy, right?!

Let this be a lesson to you if you are or want to be a vintage/antique/junk dealer. Take care of things as you buy them. Don’t let them sit more than a week before they go to the place where they’ll be offered for sale. Get ’em to that booth or on Etsy or eBay or wherever they’re going. They will breed and have babies.

And what do you think we did yesterday afternoon? Brought home the last of the stuff my late friend Lena’s family so kindly gave me. A truck and a 12′ trailer load. BUT… nothing came home with us that doesn’t have a place to go quickly! I went out to take pictures, but hubby had already unloaded most of it. He’s not as slow as I am.

On another note, I’ve decided to take a break from selling on Etsy. I’m too slow to list, which is the reason for all the storage tubs of booth stuff. I wanted it in my Etsy shop and at the same time have it housed at my booth in the local mall. The result was that I didn’t have enough in any of the booths and great stuff in storage. So at least until I get this all under control, no Etsy for me. (I stopped selling on eBay a couple of years ago.) Besides I had a harrowing experience during the move where I lost an item and the buyer was way less than pleased. If you go to my Etsy account and read the two negatives he left, you’ll get an inkling of the turmoil I was going through. But don’t even go look unless you’ve got about 10 minutes and the patience to read them. Sigh. It’s all blown over now, but my feelings are still deeply hurt.

That pretty much does it for the update. Now to recover from the move and the yard sale and get this house cleaned up! Find a new normal routine with blogging and readying things for the booths and homemaking. Sounds like much more fun that I was having. 🙂


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  1. My situation is much the same…need to clear out so much junk yet at the same time wishing I lived next door to you so I can browse your castoffs!!!

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