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What do you do with your birdcages?

Oh, my. It’s Wednesday already?? How did that happen? Where did Monday go? And Tuesday? What did I accomplish? Not much, it seems. I am working on the back area of the shop. This will be my work area when the mood strikes. I hope. But none of that has anything to do with birdcages.

Tracy at A Simple Country Life showed us pictures of her booth and in it she had a birdcage. And in that birdcage was a large cup, a something else sitting in the cup and a dolls head coming out of it. Take a look. Pretty cool.

This made me think. What do other people put in birdcages? I have one here at the shop that had candles in it. I burned said candles. They were on a slope and melted. Filled the bottom of the cage up with wax. Oh, I could get it out with a little scraping. Maybe even just a little “pop”, but I kinda like the effect. The picture isn’t so good, but that’s me and my lack of photo skills. It’s much more charming in person.

We could fill them with those little glass bird feeders/waterers. That’s a goal of mine, but I only have four or five. Got a long way to go. How about filling it with old letters? I have another at home, a tall, Victorian looking one that I don’t know what to do with. At Christmas I put lots of glass balls in it. I’m wondering if the bottom will come off and I can put a statue in it. I’ll let ya know.

So what do you put in your bird cage? Let’s see some pictures!

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Taxes? At estate sales?

Do you have to pay sales tax at estate sales in your state? I’m talking about sales of a deceased person’s stuff, priced and run by a professional estate sale company. Not an auction. Not a yard sale where somebody just threw their stuff on the lawn. Here in Alabama I’ve only encountered that once. In, I’m embarrassed to say, 30 years of going to estate sales, it’s happened once.

We were in Georgia for the weekend of the wedding and while going to town – to buy me a pair of pants because I spilled tea all over the only pair I brought for that day – passed an estate sale sign. Errrrrkkkkk! (That sudden turning of the car sound.) We had time. How can we resist an estate sale out of our usual territory?! Turns out, it was the second week, yes, week of the sale. Things were half price, but there wasn’t much of interest. I picked up a creamer and a bunch of wooden hangers. They were charging $2 each for pants hangers and $1 each for neat-o, blue wooden hangers. Then half of that. The creamer was $3.50 at half price. So, I get up there, counted the hangers looked to see how much money I had and saw that it was just enough. The price they quoted was a bit more. I said, “Huh?” We counted again and I’m like, “That’s what I thought. I have just enough.” But they said no. They had to add tax. Who charges tax on estate sale crap??? We discussed that a little and they suggested I put the creamer back. What? I kept my mouth shut, but I was thinking, “They can’t give me a few crummy hangers?! That’s ridiculous!” I ended up putting it all back. The nerve. They said they couldn’t discount anything any more. That they had to account for everything. Bah! Like the family is going to get mad at them for letting a few hangers slide.

So, do you have to pay sales tax? I understand auctions charging tax. We write the check to them, not the hauler. But an estate sale, run by professionals…. Well, they’re a service. They shouldn’t have to pay tax for being the middle man. Should they? Isn’t it like hiring someone to price and watch your yard sale junk? What’s the difference? They said, “but we’re professionals.” But it’s not their stuff! Help me understand. Here in Bama, at estate sales, we write the check to the “estate of ___” or something similar. Maybe that’s how they get away with it? We don’t pay sales tax for services.







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How ’bout I had a decent buying weekend?

Finally. Hope it doesn’t let up for awhile. Well, maybe long enough for me to get some money back, but it sure was nice last weekend to finally get something to show for the gas I’d used. For a couple of months now, the only money I’ve been spending has been gas money. Not good. Money going out with nothing to show for it.

Last weekend was unusual in that I found vintage clothes. I don’t always run across clothes. Now I’m hording them until I get enough not to be a flash in the pan seller. Got to find a couple of models, too. My tall, majorette niece will do it, but everything is not going to fit her.

Starting with the stuff, here it is in all it’s yard sale glory.

Reddy Kilowatt plate
, 1970s mushroom coffeepot, Dansk pepper mill and ’70s Fitz and Floyd candlesticks.

’70s plaid tote bag, Santa coasters, vintage cards, garden fork, hat for the flowers.

Two oak leaf frames. Oak leaf? Is that right? A little cabinet to paint, an old crayon box, another frame and an old, tin, nail box.

Two deco frames and a

1928 Birmingham police department collage picture.


And now the clothes, wrinkles and all. They don’t look very exciting hanging like that, but they’re actually kinda fun. The two long dresses are Gunne Sax. Found at two different sales on the same day. There are a couple of 60s semi formals and some 80s stuff.