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A Picker’s Heaven – I’m Out Shopping Again!

I recently went to a picker’s Heaven.

Picker's Heaven

Yes, I’ve finally sold down enough of my stuff-for-sale-accumulation (or put it out somewhere for sale) that I feel free to start shopping again. I’d stopped actively buying for over a year! Gasp! I was having the occasional bout with depression and I’m beginning to think it was withdrawals. It feels so good to be out on the hunt again.

This particular sale isn’t widely advertised and people have actually been shopping it for a year. I went once last year. See the pile of chairs in the back of the picture above? There are stacks of tables under them. Table tops separated from their legs so they stack better. Nobody has had the nerve or energy to unstack them yet. Maybe that’ll be me. Next time.

Picker's Heaven

The deceased loved to collect. He seems to have been a bit of a hoarder of good, fun, junk. There are prices on most everything, but it’s unclear if that was the price he paid or if he hoped to sell it all some day. At any rate, the family is so overwhelmed, we just make a pile and they give us a price. They’re not exactly giving it away, I’d like it to be cheaper, but it’s not over much, either.


Picker's Heaven

There are several buildings full. The building in the picture above was said to be unpicked. The family had cleaned out some more and put it in an empty building. It’s amazing that there is still this much stuff left. And way, way, way more than is in these three pictures. It’s makes a junker’s heart go pitter-pat. There might have even been someone hyperventilating in the corner. Okay. I made that up, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone new to the scene did.

God bless this man. I do love a good sale.

What did I buy? I haven’t got back into the swing of taking pictures of everything, but here are the things I did photograph for Etsy.

Items For Sale

All of these are, were, or will be in my Etsy shop, JustVintage2 . A yelloware bowl and lid, the ram’s head bookends sold almost as soon as they were listed, a copper samovar, a huge, Zanesville Stone Age Modern bowl, a mantle clock and a pipe box.

Magnolia Tray

The paper mache, magnolia, tray is one of a set of four. They are currently in my booth at Longleaf in Alexander City, Alabama. Stand at the desk, look slightly to your left and there it is. The second booth on the left. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes not. Right now, it’s a not. Right now, the booth is rather embarrassing. I reeeeeally need to work on that.

I did actually buy a lot more than pictured. A trunk full of table legs comes to mind, but I don’t remember everything else. There’s been another sale or two since then that have clouded my memory. More about them next time.

I’m excited to have something to blog about here again! Don’t want to fall down on the job like I did over this past year.

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It doesn’t take much…

…for me to get really excited. I went to The Dollar Tree the other day and since it’s in the same strip mall as Bath and Body Works and they usually have a pile of great boxes out back – even though most have the tops cut out of them – I thought I’d cruise around back and see if there were any good boxes waiting for me. No, the box pile was pretty much clean, but wait! What is that? I get out of the car and see it’s a neatly folded, long length of bubble wrap! The large bubbles like I like to use. Now, if you never sell breakables on the internet you won’t understand my excitement, but if you do… you really understand the thrill. I was so happy. This wasn’t just a piece or two. It was off a roll. I was about to get in the car when I noticed more in the dumpster. Oh boy, oh boy! I pulled out a long lenght of wadded up BW, but there was more. And I couldn’t reach it. Quickly, I looked around. Found a metal stick in the trunk of the car. Glad I don’t clean out the car very often. So I was able to get most of the BW out of the dumpster. Didn’t leave much at all. I promise!

Here’s a roll from the dumpster in the car:



And here’s the trunk:



Now, how did that look when I rolled it up? Like this:



That saved me $20-30.00. Yes, I’m happy. I felt truly blessed.


I think I broke my little toe. Maybe just jammed. Or maybe it popped out of socket and back in. I dunno.

I was running to answer the phone. Oreo, our grandcat who is now our adopted child… I mean cat… thought it was a fine game and ran, too. She cut across in front of me. Right smack dab in front of me. I had to put on the brakes to keep from trampling her and when I did I stubbed that little toe. I heard it pop. Sounded like a knuckle cracking. In a split second my mind told me that this is really going to hurt, so I hopped around and said, “Ow, ow, ow” before I realized it didn’t hurt much at all. Strange. That’s when I thought “Uh, oh. This might be bad. ” You know, like the injury is so severe it’s numb? That was a day and a half ago and now it’s a little blue and doesn’t hurt at all. As long as I don’t move it or touch it. If I can keep from doing either of those things I’m just fine. And it’s surprising how protective you can be of a toe.


Let’s see. They’re having an estate sale tomorrow of a local antique dealer. They were dealers of nice stuff back in the 1980’s. Now, we all know I’m not much interested in “nice” antiques. And I’m sure it will all be priced higher than the going rate these days. I just hope they haven’t thrown away the junk. Hmmm… I might ride by the house today and see if there’s anything like that out on the curb. And, ah, it being local, I can go, come home and research, go back, then go back again at half price! Gotta love the local sales like that. It’s tough traveling 50 miles one way once or twice a weekend just to find decent stuff. The regular yard sales here are generally a waste of time. If they’re my only choice I don’t usually bother. For one thing I’d have to be up – and OUT – before daybreak and I’m so not doing that!


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How perfect is this?

Betsy Johnson crocheted throw

Lucky me! I’ll not be making much money off the sales this weekend, but look what I found — for me!



Using a Betsy Johnson shawl as a throw for a chair.


It’s a Betsy Johnson something. Wrap? Shawl? Throw? I don’t know what it’s supposed to be, but it’s a throw over my chair now. It still has it’s $110 tag on it and I got it and a bunch of other stuff for $10.00! It couldn’t be more perfect for that chair.

I found these the day before. I was pretty excited about them, too. And I’m keepin’ ’em.

Vintage Pumpkin Head Knee Huggers



I’ve never seen pumpkin head knee huggers before. But they’re going into my Halloween collection. They and the their witch friends.

Also, with them came this little Valentine girl – who will go into my Valentine collection.

Vintage Chenille Valentine Girl

I’ll try to share the few other things I bought tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next….


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What do you do with your birdcages?

Oh, my. It’s Wednesday already?? How did that happen? Where did Monday go? And Tuesday? What did I accomplish? Not much, it seems. I am working on the back area of the shop. This will be my work area when the mood strikes. I hope. But none of that has anything to do with birdcages.

Tracy at A Simple Country Life showed us pictures of her booth and in it she had a birdcage. And in that birdcage was a large cup, a something else sitting in the cup and a dolls head coming out of it. Take a look. Pretty cool.

This made me think. What do other people put in birdcages? I have one here at the shop that had candles in it. I burned said candles. They were on a slope and melted. Filled the bottom of the cage up with wax. Oh, I could get it out with a little scraping. Maybe even just a little “pop”, but I kinda like the effect. The picture isn’t so good, but that’s me and my lack of photo skills. It’s much more charming in person.

We could fill them with those little glass bird feeders/waterers. That’s a goal of mine, but I only have four or five. Got a long way to go. How about filling it with old letters? I have another at home, a tall, Victorian looking one that I don’t know what to do with. At Christmas I put lots of glass balls in it. I’m wondering if the bottom will come off and I can put a statue in it. I’ll let ya know.

So what do you put in your bird cage? Let’s see some pictures!