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A Christmas Room Tour

Okay. Not really. That title was just a tease. Sorry. But you might enjoy seeing this. I decided to make you feel better about your home. Unless, of course, you’re decorated to the nines and fully into the Christmas spirit and everything’s happy happy joy joy. Then you won’t need to feel better. If you were to visit me right now or had been here any day in the last couple of weeks you’d see this or something similar:

See how Christmasy we are? The weather had been a tad cold for paint to dry, but somehow that morphed into building furniture in the house rather than at the shop or under the carport. That door to the left? That’s the door we always use. If you come to the front door you’re either selling something or delivering something. And if you look closely, that’s an ironing board standing up outside the window! I got it at a yard sale intending for it to go to my shop to use there, but then we closed said shop and put everything in storage. So why is that rusty, crusty ironing board standing up outside the window under the carport? I have no idea. Laziness, I guess. This is sad. So sad.

But wait! I spy with my little eye a snowman peeking over the partially built cabinet:

And are those angels on the desk?

You can see the dust on the window and desk from all the sanding that goes on outside.

So we’re not totally devoid of Christmas decorations. They just get lost in all the other clutter. I’m really regretting not decorating more now that it’s less than a week to Christmas. But at this point by the time I got even a small portion of the stuff out, it’d be time to put it back up and nobody would even see it. Unless I took pictures for the blog. And I’m pretty sure people are getting tired of seeing all the decorations and I can’t compete with the beautiful homes in blogland and blah, blah, blah. But I still might do a bit more. I’m generally ready for Christmas to be here about February. But, hey! Maybe if I start now I can get Valentine’s decorations out and be ahead of the game!

So which are you this year? Got it going on or just a little here and there or somewhere in between?


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3 thoughts on “A Christmas Room Tour

  1. I recognize that snowman! I’m honored that he made ‘the grand appearance’ this year w/ your limited decorating due to the construction zone-not feeling up to par! Have a blessed holiday & enjoy baby Danni @. Christmas this year. Tiff

  2. I’m interested to see what you’re building. It looks interesting and cool! Your snowman is very cute! I actually think it’s fine that you haven’t decorated. I have been so not-into-Christmas for years. In fact, we’ve had a couple of years where the only thing we did was put up the tree and at least one of those years it didn’t even get decorated. But, we have put Christmas cards on it and that looked surprisingly good. Somehow, I’ve gotten into the whole Christmas thing a little bit this year and we’ve done some decorating (I’m working on a blog post that should be up in a day or so). But, Christmas is coming so quickly that I’m far behind and won’t even get Christmas cards out. in fact, I figured there was no point in buying any now. Just think how easy it will be for you after Christmas. You won’t have a bunch of decorations to clean up and put away! 😀

    1. Cheryl, the project is going to be a small sideboard. I’ll have to feature it when he’s finished. A larger one is almost done now. It had been inside but is now under the carport. You’re so right about the Christmas clean-up! I’ve been collecting vintage Christmas for 35 years and have a LOT of stuff. Not having to put it all back up sure is nice. Although, I do think it’s time for a purge. Having it out would have been good, too.

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