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Sometimes ya just get lucky

Have you noticed that I haven’t been posting my weekend finds lately? That’s because they’ve been so pitiful they just haven’t been worth the time it would take to talk about them. So sad. And honestly, this weekend wasn’t much better.

I happened to look at the things I was buying and selling this time last year and spring was a great time! The most memorable was the antique, empty Colt Revolver box I bought for $3 that sold for $200. This year though, yuck. A cool or fun thing here and there, but nothing much that helps pay the rent.

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality hosts Today’s Thrifty Treasures every Monday and since I did find a thrifty treasure yesterday I thought I’d join in.

You know I don’t normally tell how much I pay for things. It just seems a little tacky if I’m going to sell something. Suffice it to say, I get some pretty darn good deals. But yesterday’s deal at one estate sale surprised even me and since none of this will be for sale, I feel OK in sharing the price. Here’s what I got. Nothing earth shattering, but….

OK. The Bingo game might be pieced out and sold and I’ll even say it was one of the two things priced. It was a dollar. Pretty average around here. The stack of envelopes was the other thing priced. Twenty-five cents for the stack. I’ll probably give the sprinkler to a friend. The chalk box is in bad condition. And did you know I collect empty, vintage Christmas boxes? Proof to the saying,
“Name it and there’s someone out there who collects it.”


More spoons to decorate or make jewelry with.


More molds. What am I going to do with all these molds I’m accumulating??! Two little tin fuse boxes. Just ’cause they’re so darn cute. Slide thingies. I’m thinking altered art? And a box full of teeny tiny screws and hinges. Oh, and that dark blob on the middle tin?

It’s a cute little plastic dog.


I saved the best for last. I got there at least two hours into the sale. Down in the basement, where most of this came from, in a back corner of the “man” room with all the greasy, oily tools and cans of nails and such, hiding behind a tarp or something was this:

Now, I know watering cans aren’t bringing what they brought a few years ago, but I still like them and have a little collection. But I don’t have one with a cool, red sprinkler on the end.
And now I do!


So how much for all this? Remember all I knew when I took it up to pay was $1.25. I pulled everything out of my bag, the guy’s adding it on his little adding machine, I’m worried he’ll want $20 for the can then he says…………


I pointed to the can and asked to be sure he got it and he said he did. I still wasn’t sure, but didn’t say anything, picked my winnings up and left, expecting him to stop me and say that he had in fact missed the can. But he didn’t.

The moral to this story? The deals are still out there. Don’t give up. And look in all the dark, dusty corners, behind doors, under tables. You’ll find the goodies that escaped everyone else.

I’m also participating in Apron Girl’s Thrift Share Monday.

22 thoughts on “Sometimes ya just get lucky

  1. I’m all excited about the watering can. Maybe I have to dig around in the basements a little more!

  2. Woot! love these kind of sales…Joe and I will crawl into dark corners and find cool stuff and be surprised all the time…?O

  3. You really did score! Can I shop with you? 🙂


  4. I love the man cave or man corner of estate sales. Usually the ladies who do the pricing have no idea of the treasures they have. Even if they know the value they tend to think “who is going to come here for it.”
    Of course you know my favorite is your plastic dog.

  5. Great deal! Yes they are out there but it does take a lot of looking these days. I love the watering can!

  6. Awesome finds!!

  7. Wanda I skipped a week because the finds were so piddlin’ also.
    What a STEAL though for your fabylous watering can! I always look into the dark dingy corners for just that reason *winks* I did finally score something that I loved so I hope you’ll stop by on Weds…..Not as cool as your finds….but still pretty good *winks* Vanna

  8. Love that little red nozzle! I’ve never seen one like it! Ah… I’d say a got a good price.

  9. I like the sprinkler with the red spout…so cool! And the serving pieces are nice. Great prices on everything!

  10. I think you got some great stuff-I love those Christmas boxes@!

  11. Hi Wanda! You found some awesome things! I love your spoons and I love what you did to the spoons on your previous post. Very creative! You have nothing to worry about if were partners for the pocket swap. Your creativeness is just as beautiful!

  12. Hi Wanda! We are going to be partners! Yeah! Can you email me at [email protected] with your address and I’ll respond back with mine. Talk to you soon!

  13. Just checked out your FB page and “Liked” it.

  14. Don’t you just love it when that happens? Wow, you really scored big time. I love that watering can, flatware, and all your goodies. Yep, the good stuff is out there, but sometimes takes a little more time to sniff out.

  15. The Cranky Queen recommended your site and I think it is marvelous! Your watering can is too too cute! I love the thrill of the hunt! Oh yeah, I’m your newest follower! See ya down the junkin’ road!

  16. I love the watering can. The little fuse box tins are sweet. I swoon over miniature little metal boxes.

  17. wow!! you hit the jackpot for bargains that time!!

    regarding my Swiss embroidered collars. No plan to do anything with them. They are just luscious on their own.
    They will go in the store.

    barbara jean

  18. Love the sprinkler on the watering can!

  19. you are VERY lucky!
    i could never get them beauties for that money!!
    Congrats!! and i love wat cans!

  20. Good finds, especially the spoons and watering can! The hunt is always fun even though, Everyone goes thrifting now, which has many thrift stores, acting like they are an Antique Store with antique prices! I have even seen Dollar Store items with way over a $1.00 price?? But the hunt is the thrill. I still cherish items from years ago of Thrifting.

  21. Love those old spoons! I’d love to shine them up and display them in my kitchen

  22. LUV the waterng can! well done 🙂

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