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How can a vintage kitchen timer make me so happy?

Vintage enamel kitchen timer

I’ve been looking for a good kitchen timer for several years now. It had to look good and it had to work. I’ve bought several cheapies just to do the job until I could find The One and they always end up in the garbage. Oh, my stove timer works fine, but it’s a soft button you press then hold. And hold and hold and hold and hold…. And hold and hold and hold… Annnndddd hold and hold and hold. My finger starts to hurt and it’s just plain ol’ annoying. So I generally use my microwave timer. But sometimes I need two. This morning, I found It. The One. I blinked at the $5 price tag – for some reason that seems like a lot of money to me – pulled my hand back once, reached for it again, pulled back and thought to myself, I’ve gotta have it. It’s enamel and if I’ve ever seen one like it, it was probably on my or somebody’s grandmother’s stove.

I’m excited about this! Can you tell?

Vintage enamel kitchen timer

Vintage enamel kitchen timer



5 thoughts on “How can a vintage kitchen timer make me so happy?

  1. Oh I love it! We have several vintage timers here but none like yours. Awesome but yes they do make lots of noise…tick tick tick!! hugs, Linda

  2. You drew back for $5?……Are you crazy?!! Lol! It’s a fabulous timer! I’d have ripped it right out of your reticent little hands *winks* Vanna

  3. I know what you are feeling. I get excited like this too. It is vintage and good looking and functional. Woot!

  4. What a great piece!

  5. I love that timer. Kitchen timers fascinate me. I would have bought it for $5.

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