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Our Booth Sales for August 2017

August 2017 booth sales

This summer has been so, so busy with almost no time to work the booth. The booth has NOT been full. Yet, we sold $1095 there. When I see everything laid out with the prices, it seems like the furniture, especially, is too cheap. But any higher in our area and it will take much too long to sell. Sigh.

What sold? Glad you asked! Here are our booth sales for August – Angel’s Antique Mall in Opelika, Alabama.

The mud bench. Or mud room bench. Or coat rack. Or whatever you want to call it. Ricky built the base a couple of years ago and tried to sell it that way. I didn’t. Sell, I mean. So I convinced him to bring it home and put a back on it. So he took it to the shop and there it sat. He finally got around to putting a back on it and it still hung around the booth a little while. We had to reduce the price to $145.00. Someone got a great deal! He won’t be adding these to his repertoire

Hand built mud bench

Mud bench

I bought this plant stand a month ago and kept forgetting to take it to the booth. I considered painting it, but no time or inclination. Paid $3.00, sold for $20.00 a day after dropping it in the booth.

Metal plant stand

Plant Stand

This file drawer has been with me for years. I really didn’t care to sell it, but never had a good place for it so, as part of my clean out effort, I took it to the booth. I priced it $28, but they got the 10% discount.

White file drawer

White Drawer

Delman shoe box. Something else it’s taken me awhile to get out for sale. 

Delman shoe box

Delman Shoe Box

This bench came from my dad’s house. Our daughter Erin recovered it. She did a beautiful job! Also sold in this picture is the little black tray thingie. A Hobby Lobby purchase I made and never used.

Covered metal bench

Bench: $67.00
Small Tray: $8.00

This small patio table and chairs was left unsold at one of our recent estate sales. I think we had it priced at $45. And no one bought it?! Even on half price day? Well, they did in my booth. Because the booth was getting empty, I didn’t do the planned improvements and left it as is. It was priced at $47.00 but they got the 10% discount.

Small Patio Table and Chairs

Patio Table and 2 Chairs

Apparently I never got a still shot of the latest table and benches Ricky made. This picture is taken from a video. Thus the small size. He had originally priced it at $565. Got impatient when a month or so later it hadn’t sold and marked it down to $495. Then the buyer took the 10% discount.

Table and benches

Table and Benches

This credenza was in my dad’s house. Funny thing is I don’t remember if it was my mother’s from when she had a decorator come in the ’80’s or if it came when he was married to his second wife. Now that it’s sold, I feel I priced it a bit too cheaply. I priced it $125 and the buyer took the 10% discount. I also kinda wish I’d kept it.



Bird flower frog I had in my personal collection for years. I’m beginning to sell those off.

Bird flower frog

Bird Flower Frog

I try to take pictures of everything but miss some things. Those things this month are:

Brass, Viking ship candlesticks from the Vietnam War era. Condition was so-so and some parts were missing. But they looked good. Presented well.

A picture from my dad’s house from the second wife’s tenure

A wooden, accordion style hat rack I picked up somewhere

Also sold were 6 books and 8 cans of paint.

And Th-Th-The, Th-Th-The, Th-Th… That’s all, folks!

Booth sales for August 2017

2 thoughts on “Our Booth Sales for August 2017

  1. Very good! Love that flower frog, the little white drawer, and I know which candlestick you’re talking about. Wasn’t that in one of your recent videos? Congrats on the success! I haven’t done my Etsy sales yet.

    1. You’re exactly right, Florence. Those were the candlesticks.
      I’m so sorry about your furbaby. Haven’t had time to read the blog post yet, lots going on, but will get over there.

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