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Decorating Above the Window and Some Mint Green Pottery

Painting above window and mint green pottery

If you follow me on Instagram (@justvintagehome) you’ll have seen some pictures of decorating around the new house as it happens. I haven’t shown much of that here mainly because the same pictures look pretty horrible if I put them on the blog. I have an extremely hard time photographing my house so that it doesn’t look like a 3 year old did it. The color, lighting, and angle are never right and I don’t have the patience to figure out what’s wrong. I’m never satisfied but if I wait for perfection, it’ll never happen. So…. today I’ll share a window and the primitive cabinet next to it that showcases the mint green pottery collection.

(Of course, photographing into a window is a nightmare. Believe it or not, my walls are white.)

What do you do when the ceilings are tall and the drapes are “supposed” to go high leaving a large space between the window and the curtain rod? It looked weird to me so I put this painting up there.

I can’t decide if I like it there because it’s different or if I don’t like it because…. well…. it’s different. Right now blinds are in the window but I might end up using sheers eliminating the need to fill that space.

You’ll notice I need something on the wall to the right and, Heaven forbid a spot is left unadorned, the stair posts need something. Also, while that yellow stool doesn’t look odd in person, it sure looks out of place in this picture! Annnddddd the little chair needs to be recovered. So see? The only thing kinda complete here is the top of the cabinet and the window.

This primitive cabinet is slap-dab full to bursting of old family photos that desperately need organizing. Maybe in my spare time…..

Mint green pottery is my favorite. It’s a small collection but I do love every piece. Click here to see how the collection was used in the old house.

So how do you fill the void above your windows or does it not bother you? I’m so used to 8′ ceilings and small rooms, I don’t quite know what to do with this house.

Stay tuned and I’d especially love for you to follow me on IG for more decorating updates. Maybe I’ll get this photographing thing figured out! I’ve only been trying for 20 years!!

3 thoughts on “Decorating Above the Window and Some Mint Green Pottery

  1. Wanda, I think you’re too hard on yourself & your photos. I agree it’s hard to take photos in the house. Seems like it would be easier maybe with a wide angle lens, but I don’t have one, so I struggle too. But your photos look fine…really. I do like the little cabinet next to the window & I like the picture above it, and especially the pottery collection. I’ve always loved your eclectic mix of furniture and antiques. You have a nice way of decorating and showing off your things, I think.

    1. Thank you, Florence. We are our own worst critics. I think the lighting I use is hurting the pictures. I’ve tried with my standalone lights and the flash that you can adjust the angle. Both those are harsh. It’s almost impossible to adjust that hardness out after the fact. I think softer light bulbs would be better (even for product pictures) but I’m clueless as to what kind to use!

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