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And it was a very good day

It’s been awhile since I’ve had anything exciting to talk about. No really great sales, just not much going on, but last Saturday turned out to be worth the wait. I got out Friday morning early and circled the same 5 yard sales waiting for someone to open up. Nearly 2 hours I rode. Finally, two of them started putting things out. Finding nothing, I got bored and went home. Fearing Saturday would be the same, I didn’t bother to get up at the crack o’ dawn. I didn’t get out until after 8:00! You’d think all the good stuff would have been gone by then. Perhaps the biggest competition stayed in that day. Who knows? Here’s how it all went down:

1st sale:

Eh. Not a great start. I actually bought John Wayne for the glass globe.

Sale #2:

A lot better:

I’m in love with Boo-Boo Head Doggie. He’s made out of Syrocco and is in pitiful condition. The busts were made in Italy. I’m thinking I’ll paint the wicker angelfish.

Sale #3

No, that’s not a mistake. It was a big, fat nothing of a sale.

Sale #4:

Who could resist a pile of green handle man tools? Apparently I was the only one they spoke to. Maybe that’s why I don’t sell tons in the booth. Nobody around here gets it. But you do… don’t you??

I was actually pretty content with the days finds, but there was one more, about 40 miles away that I couldn’t resist. It was advertised as a barn sale with woodworking materials, upholstery fabric and junk. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough money, so deliberately didn’t try to get there early. Made it there about 11:00. Sixty seconds later I was so excited I ’bout wet my pants. Or maybe I did, but was too excited to notice. I thought about taking pictures but my cell phone had picked that day to go crazy. There was so much, I didn’t know which way to turn. And other people were there getting stuff I’d have liked to have! Nooooo!!! Turned out the sellers just wanted us to make a pile and they’d price it. And the price turned out to be very affordable. Wanna see what I came home with?

(One of the first things I spotted was a 6′ silver aluminum Christmas tree in it’s box. I got it, but didn’t take a picture.)

I’m keeping the doorknobs and the aforementioned tree.

That’s barkcloth on the bottom. The brown and black is zodiac upholstery fabric.

There’s more of this fabric than I can tote.

Musty smelling trim.

Old Christmas tree stand.

Another old Christmas tree stand, but I’m a little sad that that’s rust and not dirt.

I actually got two lamps. The other is drying out. It was naaaaaasty.

That was all in the cab of the truck. The bed was filled up with this:

Let’s see. There are 2 mid century chairs that I want to put some funky fabric on, a newel post, a small rolling stand with no top, two metal trays, a tall turquoise rolling cart, a tin panel, a tall stainless steel rolling cart, a little vanity chair, a turquoise seat stool, a record player stand and two beach chair frames.

There was actually more stuff, but it was boring. Woodworking trim, stuff like that. Ricky and I went back a couple of days later and he loaded up on tools. I got some more things we didn’t have room for in the truck and will go back for them next week.

And how much money did I spend the day? Under $100. Do I win the prize for the best bargains?

6 thoughts on “And it was a very good day

  1. Boy do I get the green man tools. The bark cloth is wonderful too. I have two estate sales on Saturday, hope I get something. I bought a piece of a carousel ride today. A double headed ram.

  2. I am as green as those tool handles with envy! You did have a great day!

  3. you did good girl

    i love the christmas tree stands

  4. OK…I got “dibs” on some of that great bark cloth…just sayin’!!!! Lucky Ducky…great finds. tiff

  5. Fantastic! You go girl.

  6. wow…what a haul! I know you will be keeping the bark cloth, so I will not even ask 🙂

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