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Starting the new hunting season off right

I haven’t shown any hunted and bagged game in a long time. Ha! Haven’t shown anything much in a few weeks, have I? More about that later.

The first sale of the year was pretty darn impressive. Or maybe I was starving? Ricky and I went Friday, the first day and Saturday for half price. I managed to get some pictures before the things were scattered here and yon. These are only a few, though. Some of the pictures were horrible and need to be retaken. Also, I didn’t take picture of the bigger items, yet or the things Ricky loaded up. (I’m so excited that he’s starting to get interested in buying and selling junk, even if he isn’t obsessed like I am.)

All of this, with the exception of the baskets – I thought they were too fragile to ship – will be on Etsy. Actually, these pictures are Etsy ready, only these are cropped more.  I’m trying them out here. Do you think the Cheerios are too much in the little frying pan? Is that pushing things too far? I’m trying to get more artistic with my pictures. Etsy pics are so different from eBay pics. eBay is straight out, show the item as close as you possibly can in the thumbnail. No frills. Etsy is artistic. Backgrounds and props, maybe. Lots of white space, maybe. I edited these while I was tired and had the laptop in my lap. Now I’m not so sure about the coloring.

So. What’s been going on with me these last few weeks? I’ve been trying my best to start the new year off right. Trying to develop new good habits that will naturally replace the old, bad ones. I’ve been trying to keep the house clean, dishes washed, clothes washed, bathrooms clean, etc. I’m trying the pick up every day, but do one chore a day. Floors one day, dusting one day and bathrooms another. It’s just the two of us. You’d think it would be easy, wouldn’t you? So far so good. I started some of this in November, but worked hard to get the house to a maintainable level. I’ve made it into the first week of the year and I’m right proud of myself. 🙂 Now, if I can just get on that *%&^$^* treadmill.

We also moved Ricky’s shop into my old store. It’s still a crammed up mess. We’ll be tackling that probably this week. He and the rest of the employees where he works were laid off for three weeks. A big account was lost and they have a back up of product. We’re trying to take advantage of his time off to get some things done.

Aaaannnd, I’m trying to step up my Etsy business. And the booths. Call me crazy, but I think the treadmill is going to get lonesome.

6 thoughts on “Starting the new hunting season off right

  1. I like the photos…nothing wrong with a little “artsy”…my favorite though has got to be the Cherrios in the tiny Revere frying pan. It shows immediately how small it is…also brought back some long forgotten memories…my Grandpa Emery had one of those and actually used it almost every morning to fry a single egg for breakfast! Hmmm…wonder what happened to it? {sorry for the long winded comment…haven’t been around in awhile} Happy New Year…Happy Hunting! *e*

  2. My favorite is the crumbs in the sweeper pan. I think your photos are lovely.
    I have not found time to take photos this year which is why I posted snapshots in my recent post.
    And as for the treadmill – unless you make it a daily priority, there is no hope. (experience speaking)

  3. The images look good. I really like Etsy pics. I cannot see images on Ebay half the time. Love the frame and the pitchers. I had a guy give me a set of those frames last year in various sizes. I need to walk 2 miles every day out side and eat veggies!

  4. Love your description of the “hunt” and you did bag a few little trophys. Love the tall ship and gold frame best. Sea Witch

  5. Those Cherrios are perfect! We stopped by the Pickle Patch and saw your booth! I recognized it as soon as we walked in! It is so big compared to ours – I would love to have more space! Tyler had a wrestling match at Hoover and we were rushing home to dog walk, but TC agreed to let me just run in quickly. Wish we had more time! Had a surprise visit today -in. the. rain. No one was home but me- she was on good behavior and we had a nice visit in the one room that I have with heat! I had “mood” lighting so she could not see the dog hair….

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