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My Christmas Home Tour …. of sorts

Close up of Christmas ornaments on the tree

Christmas Home Tour is a bit of an overstatement…..

I didn’t get everything out, only a small portion, but I did get all the boxes out. And they’re still out. Nobody is coming over during the holidays and I’ve been too lazy busy to clean up. So the following pictures are of Christmas vignettes rather than whole rooms. Nobody wants to see the mess that is so carefully cropped out. 🙂

I always do a traditional, colorful, shiny, vintage Christmas. I don’t make effort to color coordinate or create carefully styled mantles, etc. I do it basically like my mother and grandmothers did. Simply find a spot for the ornaments and items we had.

First up, the Christmas tree. It’s basically the same as always. A thousand, or two, tiny, colored lights and a vast collection of vintage ornaments with a few newer ones sprinkled in. 

Traditional vintage style Christmas tree lit at night

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better, the darker or lighter, so I used both. Didn’t notice the open sheers until later. 

You can’t really see it from those pictures, but there’s a special spot that Dani helped decorate. She actually helped all over the tree, but that spot was hers that she kept going back to. Can you spot it? 

Toddler decorated Christmas tree

Yes, of course I’m leaving it! It makes this year’s tree extra special!

Some close ups of the ornaments:

Close up of vintage ornaments on a traditional Christmas tree

Close up of Christmas ornaments on the tree

The figurals are new, the balls old. The blue and silver one, top right, has a red string on it indicating it’s one I grew up with and is to be especially cherished.

Next up, a small, silver display on the china cabinet/buffet. Super simple.

Silver Christmas vignette

And now, a few small Santas. The rest stayed in their storage box:

Vintage and hand made Santa collection

They stand next to the ceramic Christmas tree collection. 

Ceramic Christmas Tree Collection Display

Display of ceramic Christmas trees

I walked in the room one day when Dani was here and found this:


I did take the lid off. 

More Santas:

Vintage Santa collection display

Old Christmas paper wrapped boxes

I’m so glad not everyone throws away the fake presents they had. I love vintage wrapping paper and empty boxes wrapped in said paper.

And last – last pictured, but there is actually a little more here and there – is the ball wreath from Anthropologie a few years back:

Christmas ball wreath