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Let the Christmas Decorating Begin!

Here in the deep south, it’s hard to let go of summer. Today is November 27 and I have the windows open to 74° temps. So I don’t usually think about putting up summery decor until Christmas things start to come out and I need room. Today, I say “see ya in the spring” to the last of the summer decor and let the Christmas decorating begin.

Summer decor items

I haven’t decorated for Christmas the past few years, but want to bring it all back out this year. Start the holiday memory foundations for Dani, the only grandchild who will be around here this year. Wish we all lived closer together! We’ll all pile up in the car and drive 12 hours to go see Sophie – and her parents, of course – after Christmas.

So decoration #1. Mr. and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper shakers sitting on top of a shabby, chippy, white, box and a hand made Santa ornament hanging on front. The inside of the box has cubbies, but I haven’t decided what to put in there yet. That decision will be made as I go through boxes.

Christmas decorating with a chippy, shabby box

How about you? Did you start early, before Thanksgiving, and git ‘er done or are you hanging back? Are you not decorating at all this year or going all out? Or somewhere in between?