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Hot enough fer ye? –Summer in the South

No pictures today. Why? It’s too dang hot to move!

I’ve gone too long without posting. Why? It’s too dang hot to think!

It’s too dang hot to do anything, but I did get out and go to a couple of sales this weekend and got to load up some tooky stuff that was going to be thrown away. I gathered all the junk up and brought it home, but here it sits in a huge, messy pile in the den because…. IT’S TOO DANG HOT TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

The heat came on too quickly. Just a couple of weeks ago I was sitting here with the windows open, the ceiling fan going and was comfy. Our house stays cooler longer than anyone else’s I know. Then all of the sudden we knew we had to turn the AC on and then… WHOA! The South was blasted with an early, energy zapping heat wave! If you’ve never experienced a summer in any of the states like Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, you haven’t experienced heat. Our summers are what give people the misconception that Southerners are lazy. It’s just too dang hot to move!

We, as a people, learned a long time ago to move a little slower in the summer. We also learned to jump in the swimmin’ hole. (Bathing suits optional if the company wasn’t mixed. Or if you were naughty, even if it was.) And ladies learned a nice, damp cloth helps to cool a glistening face. We know the value of a good shade tree and a tall glass of nice, cool, sweet tea.

All that brings memories of sitting on the front porch shelling peas with grandmothers, talking to neighbors strolling to the store. The ice cream truck coming up the street. Playing outside at sundown because it was too hot to play outside during the day. Or riding our bikes during the day just to get a breeze on our faces. I remember trying out sitting in a dark closet to see if it was any cooler in there.

In spite of how this post began, I want it known that I actually love summer and love hot, steamy, tropical heat. I just haven’t had time to acclimate to it, yet.

4 thoughts on “Hot enough fer ye? –Summer in the South

  1. Amen sister. I get up at 6:30 and work in the garden and water a lot. By 10:00 it’s terribly hot and I have to go inside. If I manage to keep my flowers alive it will be by my sheer will. Stay coll…oh I like warm weather better too. ?O

  2. It just got HOT here in Jersey too. I love the heat so I’m happy.

    I’ve been making southern style sweet tea for my husband. He loves it. Me not so much. I love a cold glass of lemon or lime juice ……and get this NO sugar added. he he


  3. That was too dang funny! And so dang nostalgic! *winks* Vanna

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