Vintage Shelf Sitters – Harlequin Dancers


These harlequin dancer, vintage shelf sitters are so very mid century, 1950s. They sit about 4″ tall. Overall height from the tip of their toes to the top of their heads is about 6-1/2″. A sticker on the bottom says, “Hand Painted – Made in U.S.A. – ABCO – Alexander Baker Co.” They appear to be chalk.

They are in poor condition. Apparently they fell off the shelf at some point in their lives, but were lovingly repaired. The lady has multiple nicks and the tip of her left foot was broken and glued back. The man’s right foot suffered the same fate plus the tops of his shoes have broken off. There is also a chunk of the back of his head that has been glued back in place.

These repairs only make them more dear in my opinion. That someone cared enough to do their best to repair them. I hope you agree.

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Vintage Shelf Sitters – Harlequin Dancers