Very Rare Jack’s Hamburgers Advertising Poster – Psychedelic 1970s


  • SOLD!
  • Jack’s Hamburgers advertising poster
  • Jack’s Restaurant advertising poster
  • Psychedelic design
  • 1970s
  • Rare, hard to find
  • 28″ x 21″
  • Home Of The Big Jack
  • Wrinkled from storage


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Mid 1970s, psychedelic, Jack’s Hamburgers, advertising poster. Extremely hard to find. It shows a young boy in disco clothes and two cups that say “Home of the Big Jack”. Since the Big Jack was introduced in 1976 and it has the angled sign with each letter inside a rectangle, we can know that it is from the mid 1970s.

I don’t know the history of the poster, if it was used in the restaurants or maybe in other places. It was found at the estate of a radio station owner. The local Jack’s restaurant would certainly have bought advertising on his station. Perhaps the poster was given to the station for display there.

The poster is 28″ tall and 21″ wide. It was NOT carefully stored and is rough around the edges as well as having soft folds, creases and wrinkles. These probably happened with being tossed around in a closet through the years. Some of the creases look like they were “hard squeezed”, but not quite folded. I found one 1/4″ closed, edge tear as well as a couple of very tiny tears along the edge.

It presents well, but you need to know that it is far from perfect.

Jack’s was founded in 1960 and the franchise is spread throughout the southeast. The original jingle went like this:

Jack’s hamburgers for 15 cents are so good…. good…. good…
You’ll go back, back, back,
To Jack, Jack Jack’s
For more…. more…. more.