Antique Wood Hanger – Patented 1902


  • SOLD!
  • Made especially for holding pants or skirts
  • Extremely hard to find
  • 17″ from side to side
  • Patent date, 1902
  • Laundry room, bedroom or closet decor or add to your collection



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Antique Wood Hanger


Add this hard to find, primitive, antique wood hanger to your primitive decor, laundry room or collection for an instant conversation piece. It was made especially for pants or skirts.

It is 17-1/4″ wide. There are two, large, flat, wooden pieces that hinge open and closed. The wood pieces still have their original felt to hold the pants or skirts in place. Two metal loops swivel down to hold the two pieces closed.

The wood is scuffed as can be expected on a household item of this age. All parts move freely and work as they did originally. There is no rust. It’s a great piece of collectible history that doesn’t turn up often. This is actually the first one I’ve ever seen “in the wild”, and I’ve been out in the trenches over 30 years.

They are usually stamped, pat Nov 11 1902. This one had the stamp originally, but only very faint lettering is still visible. I can make out NOV, but nothing else.

If you plan to actually use it, rather than just for display, you might be disappointed. The two wood pieces don’t clamp closed together enough to hold anything that isn’t fairly thick. For instance, as is, it wouldn’t hold a picture (as so many people are doing these days), but might hold a thick pair of jeans.