Blue Beehive Ringed Coors Pottery Vase with Applied Handles and White Rim


  • SOLD!
  • Blue Coors Pottery Vase
  • Beehive – Ringed
  • Applied handles
  • White rim and inside
  • Matte blue glaze
  • 5″ tall
  • Marked with the triangular, Coors mark on the bottom
  • Good condition outside
  • Inside is stained, crazed and has a hairline crack



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Blue, matte finish, beehive, narrow ringed, Coors pottery vase or planter. Matte blue on the outside with white on the rim and inside. It is rather bulbous in shape and is 5″ tall and about 5″ diameter at its widest point.

The outside is in very nice condition with no chips or cracks. The seams are clearly visible and, looking closely, there are a few, very small, black marks on it that look like ink. But this planter was well used. The inside is dirt stained, heavily crazed and has a hairline crack that can be partially seen in the last picture. The crack does not go through to the outside.

Marked with the triangular, Coors pottery mark on the bottom.