My Inventory Management System – And It’s Free!

My Inventory Management System – And It’s Free!

A question I hear a lot from vintage sellers is how to manage inventory? I’m more than happy to share my method if it might help. It’s easy to adapt to your specific needs. 

When you first start out, a notebook seems to be fine. But after awhile, it becomes a bit unwieldy. Ratty, tattered and annoying. I found that a Google Drive spread sheet works great! Any spreadsheet you have will work just as well, but this is free, available wherever you might be and not likely to get lost or accidentally deleted. 

***Disclaimer — I’m not always on top of things. Sometimes, most times, I don’t make a note the day I bring something in. Oftentimes, I have something a year, or years plural, before I ever write it down. Many times I keep something for myself before deciding to sell it. So, my inventory sheet isn’t necessarily accurate on dates and many don’t even have a date. Sometimes I guess when I bought it, sometimes I don’t bother. I often have to guess how much I paid, but oddly, I seem to be able to remember that. So………..Don’t be me! Do as I say, not as I do. 

Here’s a screen shot of a partial inventory page. Click the picture for a larger view, but click a little to the right or left of center. The share buttons pop up dead center: Continue reading

How to remove promoted and picked for you pins on Pinterest

How to remove promoted and picked for you pins on Pinterest

This is a public service announcement:

How to remove "Picked For You" and "Promoted" pins from your Pinterest feed and get it back to the people, boards and topics you want to follow.

You might have noticed your Pinterest feed is different these days. No longer are you seeing pins from all the people you follow. Instead, you see “Picked For You” pins and “Sponsored” or “Promoted” pins. Sponsored/promoted pins are pins people pay to have show up in our feeds. Picked For You are pins Pinterest thinks we would like to see. Now, I’ll admit, sometimes Pinterest gets it right on the pins they think I’d like, but oftentimes, they don’t. And the sponsored pins? Rarely.

(Update: Pinterest now has a setting where you can choose to not see “picked for you” pins. Simply go to your profile, choose “settings” and scroll down until you see the opt out.)

I’m sorry. I do understand people paying to promote their product. I get it. We all have to make a living somehow. I probably wouldn’t mind as much if my feed was 95-99% people I follow, but it’s not. It’s the double whammy of what Pinterest thinks I’d like and the promoted pins that’s so annoying.

We follow people and boards because we like what they pin. Why else would we follow them? Okay, so some people just want you to follow them back, but we’ll just shove those people to the side right now. Let’s talk about the feed we want to see. 

Did you know there’s a way to get the old feed back? The one that is full of pins from the people, boards and subjects you follow. Hallelujah! And it’s as simple as a browser extension/add-on. 

It’s called pinBlock and you can find it here: Stop Promoted Pins

(Update: This extension is currently, August 26, 2016, not working. Both picked for you and promoted pins are in our feeds in spite of the extension. But don’t dismiss it yet. I’m sure they’ll get things fixed.)

It’s available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers and there’s an Android and IOS app. The browser extensions are free, but the mobile apps cost a dollar. 

It will change your pinning world! It makes it fun again. I decided to use pinBlock on my “super computer” (laptop) and nothing on my tablet. This way, I get to see my normal feed as well as what Pinterest thinks I’d like to see. It’s really interesting to see the difference.

I am not affiliated with pinBlock in any way. Just a fan.

Click here to follow my Pinterest account and, if you install the pinBlock extension you’ll see all the awesome, home decor, crafts, DIY’s and internet entrepreneur pins I find from some of the best blogs and information out there!

Am I Doomed To Failure Because I’m Not A Morning Person?

Am I Doomed To Failure Because I’m Not A Morning Person?

Am I doomed to failure because I'm not a morning person?

Have you read articles and books about the habits of successful people and read that one of the things they have in common is rising early? They get up before the rest of the household (Or maybe even before the sun. Gasp!) and…… 

  • Meditate
  • Do Bible study
  • Plan their day
  • Start writing/working
  • Exercise
  • Get housework out of the way
  • Blah, blah, blah

Happy, energetic, morning people

Sickening, right? The only things on that list that appeal to me even a tiny bit are the first three and that’s because I can do them without getting out of bed. Then when I do get up, I’ve forgotten what I thought about/read/planned. Because…….

I am not a morning person!

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