A new booth in a new mall!

A new booth in a new mall!

We’re at it again. Opening another booth in a mall new to us, Angels in Opelika, Alabama. It’s a big ‘un. The mall and the booth. Both big. We’ve been working hard the past few weeks getting things ready to go in the booth, but kept having to put the stuff we were finishing into the booth at Longleaf in Alex City because stuff was selling out of there. So now, both booths are kinda bare looking. It’s all taking over our life. There is no  life outside of building, painting, fixing, redoing… I’ve even been too tired to look at Pinterest at night!

Here are the pieces we put in Angels:

Stacking benches

Stacked benches hubby built and I painted and a five sided table I painted and antiqued.

Before I go further, just let me remind you how much out of my comfort zone I am with painting. But ya do what’cha gotta do.

MCM aqua nightstand : Just Vintage Home

Adorable mid century nightstand in aqua with black legs.

Gray and white mid century dresser : Just Vintage Home

Fab, mid century dresser in gray and white.


Faux Wood Grain Painted Chiffarobe

The picture does not show the original, faux wood graining of this chifferobe. It’s really pretty cool. —– Ha! I was trying so hard not to be in the full length mirror that I forgot the little round mirror. So there I am.

Chalkboard painted bench and picnic basket : Just Vintage Home

An accident happened during transport. Some wood was knocked off one of the legs. The top was messed up a bit, too. I’ll either have to take some chalkboard paint there to make the necessary repairs or bring it home. The picnic basket top is painted in chalkboard paint, too.

Half door chalkboard coat rack : Just Vintage Home

Took this picture before we left the house. An old door with original, chippy paint was cut in half. The panels were painted in chalkboard paint and old hooks were added at the bottom.

Bookcase and half door coat rack : Just Vintage Home

A bookcase hubby made, the half door coat rack again and an old tin Hoosier drawer. On the shelf of the bookcase is this little tote:

Small tote with Graphics Fariry image transfer : Just Vintage Home

It’s a small tote with a Graphics Fairy image transfer. I wasn’t completely happy with the image transfer result. But guess what? It was the first thing to sell. I always wonder, when the first thing to sell is “some little something”, nothing special, if someone in the mall bought it to make us feel good, give us a start, or if they truly liked it? In this case I also wonder if they’re going to paint over it? LOL But I suppose it’s cute as is. I know I’m critical because I did it and it didn’t match the vision. But perhaps the … um… messiness of it gives it a more authentic look?

Anyway, if y’all are anywhere near Opelika come on by and see what’s next! We’re still working. Busy, busy, busy. Our booth is all the way to the left. When you walk in the mall, turn left and go as far as you can go. We’re the last corner booth on the right. Booth “OREO”. If I’d known that the name was going to be on the wall, I’d have thought of something more clever. Oreo’s our cat and was the first name that came to mind.

Don’t forget we’re at Longleaf in Alex City and the Pickle Patch Market in Sylacauga, too. We’re booth WC1 at Longleaf and 05 at the Patch. Just ask. And enjoy all the other booths, too! There are some great ones in all three malls. They make for fun outings.

Trash To Treasure Chest and Hutch – Painted Furniture

Trash To Treasure Chest and Hutch – Painted Furniture

These two pieces were done several weeks ago, but I’m just now getting around to sharing. Remember, I did nothing. I play a very small role in painting and redoing furniture. Miss Mustard Seed, I’m not. No, my hubby has the talent for furniture transformation.

First the little yellow chest. Before:

He didn’t quite understand why I said to get this little chest with the missing drawer. But in the end, he understood. And I guess I lied. I did have a little to do with the transformation of this chest. I did make the baskets. As if you couldn’t tell be looking at the bows. One’s perky, the other droopy. LOL And OMG! I’ve only just now noticed that the fabric is going in different directions!! I didn’t even realize it could! Groan. So what’s going to hurt the sale most? The droopy bow or the fabric pattern? As many times as I’ve looked at it, you’d think….

Next is this china cabinet/hutch. I believe it originally had doors at the top. It was in pretty sad shape when we got it. It hung around under the carport for a long, long time before getting it’s makeover.

Both these pieces are at Longleaf Antique Mall in Alexander City, Alabama. Or were last weekend.

Can’t wait to get pics of the stuff we found today! But the way it’s pushed up under the carport, you wouldn’t be able to make “hide ner hair” of it.

Dresser re-do from dated flowers to pale blue and brown

Dresser re-do from dated flowers to pale blue and brown

We found this dresser curbside while visiting our son and daughter-in-law in Florida. It was made in China, but had those good bones we look for, was very well made and H E A V Y !! I was of absolutely no help putting it on the back of the truck in the misting rain. (I don’t remember where our son was that night.) There were words exchanged between my husband and me and they were not words of endearment, I can assure you. But in the end, it was so worth the trouble.

Naturally, this is me remember, I didn’t get a good before picture. By the time I got up the morning after we got home and got outside with the camera, he’d already started the re-do. So I did the best I could.

This is how the drawers looked. Floral paper covering the drawer fronts, some handles missing and plenty of scratches and nicks and tears.

The dresser itself:

If this picture looks funny to you, if it feels “off”, you’re right on. It was actually standing up on its side and I flipped the picture. But see the nice shape? And see those pretty adornments?

Yeah. They disintegrated. They were plastic and Ricky put paint remover on them. But that was OK. It didn’t affect the finished piece at all.

Pale blue and brown painted dresser

Again, I only got pictures of it under the carport. I forgot to take any once it was in the booth and it only lasted there 4 days before going to its new home.

We replaced missing knobs with Hobby Lobby knobs that coordinated nicely. Someone asked me how I pick out colors. (I suppose I should say here that my only hand in painting furniture is finding some of the pieces and making most of the executive decisions like color and hardware.) So. I really like using HGTV’s color charts from Sherwin Williams. They have booklets of colors that all go perfectly together. It’s hard to make a mistake when they’ve laid it out for you and you can be assured that the colors are “in”. That’s not the way we pick colors every time, but it’s my favorite.