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Booth redo pictures

Where have I been the last 15 days? Beats me. Time just goes by so fast! I’ve gone to the sales the past two weekends, but other than that, I have no idea. Except for the few days I’ve spent working in the booth. I haven’t even added much to Etsy. Now I’m really scratching my head trying to figure out what I’ve been doing with my time if it wasn’t blogging or Etsying. Hmmmm.

Here’s what I can show for a few days time. Last week I bought an Art Deco sofa and chair and a 1970’s dresser. We took them straight from the owner’s house to my booth at the Pickle Patch. And the challenge was on. How to find a place for them. It looked impossible, but I did it! Began a little spring decorating while I was at it, too.

I do love that table, but it takes up room and it’s time to move it out. I wish one of my living areas was large enough to use it as a coffee table. ūüôĀ

It’s hard to tell, but this little black table has the cutest clock face knob. And… Oops! What a “fo pa”! I’d better get down there first thing tomorrow and remove the yard sale sticker on that basket. LOL And just in case you’re wondering, my price is only $6.00. So maybe if anybody sees it before I get it off, they’ll think kindly of me and realize I’m not trying to rip anybody off.

The aforementioned 1970’s dresser. $175.00

Aaaannnd, the sofa and chair. That’s the original fabric, too. How cool is that? .

I didn’t take pictures of the whole booth. There are a few other spots I skipped over. Just hit the high points.

If you’re in east central Alabama, please come visit us at the Pickle Patch Market on Hwy. 280 in Sylacauga. The mall isn’t so large that it’ll wear you out walking through, but it’s large enough to have a nice variety. And, I feel compelled to say this, you won’t feel dirty when you leave. It’s one of the nice, clean malls. You can also have an Italian meal at Giovanni’s next door. The mall is open Tuesday – Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 11-5.

9 thoughts on “Booth redo pictures

  1. Love the couch and chair! We recently brought home three chairs of similar vintage from an uncle’s house. We’re not sure we have room to keep them, but I love the shapes of the chairs. Your booth looks so nice!

  2. Oh, I love that sofa and chair. I was looking for something like that when I was searching for a sofa, but couldn’t find anything like it.

    Your booth looks great!

  3. You have a lovely booth. Sylacaga…. I had an Uncle that owned a vintage gas station there. Oh the vintage stuff that he had.

  4. I’ll never forget the first thing I saw in here…it was a frog gigger and I thought let me come see what this woman is all about because I love frogs…not for their legs, for their beauty…and I found that you have an eye for beauty, too. Thanks for continuing to share your wares!

  5. Wanda – thanks for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment…and now I have the link for your new site – which is just wonderful…yes, once you collect sewing stuff,it only grows!
    BTW…I had that green couch (except it was rose colored) in my first apartment out of college…until the cat tore up the back cushion…

  6. Wowza! $100 for that awesome table, what a deal. The sofa and chair are both awesome especially with the original fabric. I’m sure they won’t last long. Following you on Linky now also.

  7. Your booth re-do looks great! I’ve got to get down there soon…I need to re-do mine!

  8. Wow, what a great booth, wish I could come shopping!

  9. Oh Wanda you have some FABULOUS pieces in your space….I wish we were closer so I could come & spend some money with you….!!!!!

    Indeed….It’s a bit of a ‘catch 22’ with those larger pieces….You need them because they make for a GREAT display & provide a working surface for a LOT of Treasures but they take up SO MUCH space…. :o) !!

    I’m CHUFFED you like my painting….I’ve had it dated to between 1790 & 1820….It’s a KEEPER for sure….!!!!!

    I hope you have a BRILLIANT week….!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

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