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Look what a friend gave me!

Yes, she GAVE me it! We’ve known each other most of our lives and she was a next door neighbor for several years before moving across town a few years ago. She changes decor fairly often and is minimalizing. When she has junk to get rid of she kindly thinks of me! So she called and said she had a lamp for me if I wanted it. Y’all know I rarely turn down free, so I took off to her house. This is what she had:

Wow! Really?! Apparently it was an oil lamp that had been electrified in the 1940’s or 50’s. I believe I can take the socket off. I’m sure it had a matching glass globe at one time.

It’s way fancier than my usual decor, but it just might have to go in the spare bedroom with {this bed}. The bedroom that I haven’t even thought about thinking about starting the redo.

It’s been broken, but I say who cares?

Since this isn’t my normal thing, I don’t know this mark. Do any of you? I thought maybe Dresden, but didn’t find this one in the Dresden marks.

On another note, Google seems to be punishing those of us who don’t have our blogs on Blog Spot. They’re discontinuing Friend Connect and I haven’t heard if our feeds will automatically be transferred to Google Reader or not. It kinda looks like not. So if you follow me, and I sincerely hope that you do, please follow with a…uh… feed… thingy. Straight out Google Reader subscribe thing or whatever you use to see your feeds. Thank you ever so much. This is annoying.