Vintage Christmas Dish – Italian, Hand Painted Scene, Signed & Numbered


  • This item is sold! The sold for price is shown for reference only.
  • Vintage Christmas dish
  • Made in Italy
  • Christmas scene
  • Hand painted, signed and numbered
  • I.W. Co.
  • 6″ square



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Vintage Christmas dish. Hand painted scene and signed on the back “I.W.Co – Italy.” Numbered 66/50.

This item is sold! Price is shown for reference only.

The porcelain dish is 6″ square and depicts a Christmas scene of a man driving a sleigh loaded with a Christmas tree. There are 2 other people standing in front of a barn and in the background is a church and hills. The perimeter of the dish has green brush strokes. All the paint is under a gloss glaze. There is a string on the back for hanging.

It is in very good condition. There are several glaze pops, including one on a corner, but no chips from a hit or being knocked about. There is no crazing.

My best guess is that it was made in the 1960s. Hang on the wall or sit on a table. Either way. It’s a fun and pretty Christmas collectible.