Mid Century Teak Candle Holders with Brass


  • SOLD!
  • MCM teak candle holder
  • Hourglass shape with brass center
  • Screws apart in the center
  • 6-1/4″ tall
  • 2″diameter at the widest part
  • Some minor scuffs and scratches that can be seen in strong light


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Pair of mid-century, teak candle holders, hour-glass shape with a brass ring in the center. Each candlestick is 6-1/4″ tall, with the widest dimension being 2″ diameter.

They do screw apart in the center for ease of cleaning the brass. There are paper inserts in the candle cups that have probably been in there 50+ years.

Depending on your monitor, they are probably a bit darker than the picture. They are in good condition and present well, but the bright lighting is harsh and glaringly shows what are minor flaws. There are some scuffs, most notably around the edges, but there is a scuff on the body of one. When viewed in strong light, the brass shows a few scratches and splotches. This is NOT easily seen under normal lighting.

There are round, sticker residue spots on the base which was most likely the original manufacturer’s stickers.

I do believe these are teak. The lady I bought them from was so certain they were teak she refused to come off the price. I believe it enough to advertise them as such, however, I’m not a wood expert. There is always room for error. One clue that they are, in fact, teak is that there is a small dent on one of the top edges (Not pictured) that is very smooth. Not splintery at all. The stain color is reddish. Another clue is the tight grain. Some of the grain is curved in a wide V. Not sure that means anything. When taken apart, the unfinished, interior, wood looks like any other, so no clue there.

They are quite lovely no matter the wood and would be beautiful in your mcm or boho decor.