Vintage Cookbooks – 6 Culinary Arts Institute Cookbooks from the 1940’s + More


  • Sold
  • 7 vintage cookbooks
  • 6 Culinary Arts Institute
  • 1 Good Housekeeping Cakes
  • 6″ x 9″
  • Paper covers, stapled spine
  • Worn condition
  • 1940’s and 1950’s


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These cook booklets have sold. The price is shown for reference only.

Six 1940’s cook books from the Culinary Arts Institute with the Good Housekeeping Cake cook booklet tagging along. The cookbooks are each paper cover, stapled spine and 6″ x 9″. All are in similar condition – good, stored condition with yellowed pages and cover and edge wear.  Any damage other than that will be listed by the book below:

  • 250 Superb Pies and Pastries. 1940. Shiny cover paper. Curled front corners.
  • 500 Delicious Dishes From Leftovers. 1940. Matte cover paper. The spine is split at the bottom for about an inch.
  • 500 Delicious Salads. 1940. Shiny cover with curled front corners.
  • 500 Snacks. 1940. Shiny cover, curled and bent with edge tears.
  • 250 Delectable Desserts. 1940. Matte cover. The bottom of the front cover is faded about 1/4″ across. Top corners in back are bent about 1/4″.
  • 250 Ways of Serving Potatoes. 1941. Shiny cover with curled corners. Food spot on the last page. 
  • Good Housekeeping’s Cake Book. Book number 3. 1958. The cover is stained both front and back and feels wavy like it might have some moisture damage.