Blue Saltglaze Stoneware Vase 8″ Tall


  • Blue stoneware vase
  • 8″ tall
  • 5″ diameter
  • Made from yellow clay
  • Unmarked
  • No chips, nicks or cracks


The high gloss glaze on this blue, stoneware vase is just stunning! It stands 8″ tall, and flares at the top at 5″ diameter. The clay is a full 1/4″ thick. Perhaps it was a florist vase in the beginning as the quality doesn’t seem as if it was meant to be decorative. (Just the look so many of us love.) There are several spots where color and/or glaze didn’t take, but no chips, nicks or cracks. No crazing. Made from a yellow clay, it is unmarked. It has the look of Niloak, but there’s no indication to make us think it might be. It’s quite heavy, weighing 2-1/2 lbs.