Vintage 1970s Swedish Angel Chimes Unused



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Vintage 1970s Swedish Angel Chimes

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Vintage angel chimes, often called “Swedish Angel Chimes” from the 1970s. These were never used. The angels are still stapled in their plastic bag. The 8 candles, although a little warped, are in their factory sealed bags as well. The base is 4-5/8″ in diameter. When put together, they will stand 10″ inches, or a little more. It doesn’t tell us on the box or in the instructions and some of those parts are in the stapled package, so I’m making a rough estimate. The thin brass-colored metal is nice and shiny with no rust.

The box says Made in Hong Kong and does have a UPC, indicating these were made in the early to mid 1970s. Made by/for Hearth Side.