1970s Paragon Crewel Kit Ruddy Cubs – Mr. Lion #0735 – Unused


  • Paragon crewel kit #0735, Ruddy Cubs, Mr. Lion
  • The package shows both Mr. Lion and another, but Mr. Lion is the only one in this kit. There was never more than that.
  • Unworked
  • Corner of package is opened but the needle is the only thing missing
  • Canvas is 13″ x 15″ and designed to fit a 10″ x 12″ frame
  • Great for a nursery, kids room, preschool classroom, etc.

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Cute, Paragon crewel kit Ruddy Cubs. This kit contains only Mr. Lion, No. 0735. His body is orange with a white mane. He had a companion, Ms. Tiger, that was sold separately. I do not have her. This kit was produced in 1973. The “homespun” canvas is 13″ x 15″ and designed to fit a 10″ x 12″ frame.

The corner of the package was opened. Apparently, someone needed the needle. That’s the only thing missing. The instructions are on the back of the presentation picture sheet and the yarn is still wrapped with a rubber band.

This would be fun in a nursery or child’s room

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