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Vintage Vignette In the Hall Of the New House

Hall vignette using old, oak chest, antique landscape prints, chippy drawer and other odds and ends. Things that wouldn't necessarily go together, but seem to work.

I’m ever so slowly getting things put together here in the new house. I’m talking about turtle slow. Slower even!! Some days I’m all gung-ho and others are… well… not. There are, however, a couple of vignettes – vintage vignettes -I’m fairly satisfied with, but I find myself over thinking everything. Plus, I don’t have all my stuff here. A ton of it is still in storage. So I’m working with what I have and buying new things along when I fall in love with something. That’s happened 3 times so far. 

Anyway, I’ve always loved this old, oak chest. (The color’s a little goofy in the picture below.)

Oak chest with old, mint green paint showing in the grain Continue reading Vintage Vignette In the Hall Of the New House