3 Vintage Umbrella Christmas Ornaments


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  • Three vintage umbrella Christmas ornaments
  • Made of foil and netting
  • 5-1/2″ tall
  • Very good condition
  • See complete description of these vintage Christmas ornaments below


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Three, vintage, umbrella Christmas ornaments. Each is 5-1/2″ tall and made of heavy foil and netting. The umbrella handle, which acts as the hook, formed from heavy, stiff, paper wrapped wire.  Netting is gathered at the umbrella point and a small, glass, Christmas ball is attached. A red ribbon hangs from the point. The netting hs vertical stripes of glitter all around.

One umbrella is blue with a gold ball, one is aqua with a gold ball and the last is red with a pink ball.

Three, charming, umbrella Christmas ornaments made of heavy foil and netting.

There are some holes in the netting of the blue umbrella. The netting of the others is in very good condition. The foil is in unusually good condition with no major bends or creases. The shape is no longer perfect, but perhaps it never was.


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