1951 Real Photo Postcard of Boat Shed In St. Marks Florida Postcard


  • SOLD!
  • St. Mark’s, Florida postcard
  • Postmarked 1951
  • Real photo postcard of boats in a boat shed
  • Black and white glossy
  • Does have bends and wrinkles


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Postmarked 1951, this St. Marks, Florida postcard is a real photo postcard and shows a boat shed filled with boats.

The condition of this postcard is fair with some crinkles and bends on the photo side. The back has a message addressed to Miss Betty Fagan in Montgomery, Alabama and says:

Hey Baby & All,
Remember this? We are having that fish dinner Daddy always talks about.
Spent last night in Dothan. Will write you about it tonight. Going to Wakulla Springs in a few minutes.

Love Bubber and Daddy