Retro Kitchen Coffee Set – ’60s Yellow & Orange


  • This item is sold.
  • 1960s, mod, coffee serving set
  • Retro kitchen accessory or mod dining room
  • Electric coffeepot, lid and cord, creamer, sugar with lid, and tray
  • Ceramic serving pieces, hard plastic tray
  • Bright orange and yellow
  • Perfect pop of color
  • Great theatrical prop


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Vintage, retro kitchen, mod dining room decor — Yellow and orange coffee set.

I’m sorry. This item is sold. The price is shown for research purposes only.

Oh, so, retro kitchen! I adore this vintage, 1960s, yellow and orange coffee set. It comes complete with electric coffeepot, lid, and cord, creamer, sugar with lid and orange tray. 

The coffeepot, creamer and sugar are ceramic, while the tray is heavy plastic. The tray is black on the bottom and orange on the top. The coffeepot is 7″ tall. The tray is 8″ x 11″. They are all marked what looks like “Chi Japan” in a circle. See the close-up for a picture of the mark.

This fun, mod, set was uncovered at an estate sale. The creamer and sugar were packed away in the kitchen. The coffeepot was located, covered in dirt, in a shed. The tray was in another location in the same shed, but still in its original wrapping. 

I plugged it in for a minute or so and it was heating up fine. I find no chips or unusual scratches. No cracks. In the extra pictures you’ll see a manufacturing flaw in the inside lip of the coffeepot. Although I did wash the dirt off, you’ll naturally want to give it all a good scrubbing prior to use.

It’s such a groovy set for your retro kitchen or mod dining room for a great pop of color. It would also be a good theatrical prop.

The box size and weight makes this a bit expensive to ship. If you’ll contact me first with your zip code, we’ll see if we can get it any cheaper. Thanks!