Green MCM Dish Linen Weave Ceramic – Napcoware – National Potteries

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  • MCM pottery dish
  • Danish modern
  • Spring green color
  • Tiny, linen weave or waffle look
  • 9″ long
  • Napcoware
  • National Potteries


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Long, mid century modern, dish in a lovely, spring green. A pottery dish made by Napcoware (National Potteries Company).

The dish has a raised, linen weave or waffle look to the bowl area. It is raised, but smooth. The underside is smooth. It does not have the weave look. The shape reminds me – vaguely – of the Fleischmann’s Margarine logo. Opposite corners are rounded with the other two opposite corners having a soft, curving point. Very Danish Modern.

It is 9″ long and 4″ wide. There is a slight, upward curve at the sides. I believe it’s original purpose was for floral arrangements (used with florist clay), but there’s no reason to limit it to that. It would make a great desk organizer to hold scissors, pens, pencils, cell phone, etc. Or maybe use in the kitchen for a stick of butter or small Jello mold.

It’s in very good condition with no chips, nicks or cracks. There is a spot of discoloration which seems to have happened during the manufacturing process.

The back is stamped NAPCOWARE and C-5969 and has a silver, foil sticker that reads, “National Potteries Company – Cleveland – Made In Japan.”


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