3 Single Coca Cola Playing Cards – Vintage 1950’s


  • 3 vintage Coca Cola playing cards
  • 2 with a snowman wearing a Coke bottle cap
  • 1 featuring a lady at a swimming pool
  • Vintage 1950’s
  • Good to very good condition
  • Add to your collection or use for trade!


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Add these single, vintage, 1950’s, Coca Cola playing cards to your collection or use them for trade.

Two are the same card and feature a snowman wearing a bottle cap hat, with a woman in her suit, gloves, and hat in the foreground and a man in the background, looking over the snowman’s shoulder. These cards are in very good condition. I do not believe they were played with much, if at all, but are just shy of new.

The other card features a woman in a swimming pool holding a bottle of Coca-Cola. The condition is good, but there are soft bends around the edges. Also, the surface isn’t quite as clean looking. None of this is easily seen without angling the surface to the light. But it’s there and worth noting.

All three say, “Sign of Good Taste” across the top and all are Jokers with the Jokers holding bottles of Coke. The size is 2-1/4″ x 3-1/2″.