NOS 25 Piece Eva Zeisel Stockholm Kari-All Barware


  • This item is sold. Price is shown for reference only.
  • Eva Zeisel Stockholm barware and Kari-All
  • 25 pieces
  • 8 Old Fashioned
  • Cocktail
  • 8 Hi-Ball
  • 1 Cherry wood tray with chrome handles 
  • Federal glassware
  • New old stock
  • Wonderful mid century barware


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This beautiful item is sold. Price is shown for reference only.

I was so excited to find this 1950’s, still factory sealed box of Eva Zeisel Stockholm glasses from and Kari-All from Federal Glass recently! 

There are 25 pieces. 

8 Old Fashioned (Water) glasses
8 Cocktail (Juice) glasses
8 Hi-Ball (Beverage) glasses
1 Wood tray

The wood tray is cherry and has chrome handles. It has a small dent next to one of the openings that obviously happened in the manufacturing or packing process. It came straight out of the box like that. In my close-up picture, it looks more like a scuff, but it is simply a dent in the wood. 

I didn’t feel I could sell it without opening it to check for any in-box damage but wanted you to have a part in seeing it for the first time in over 50 years. Here is the video:


This weighs over 15 lbs.! By the time it’s packed for shipping, it will be 16+ lbs., so expect shipping to be, well, high. It will be mailed parcel select.