Antique Dress Trim Lot Including German Scallop Embroidery


  • This lot is sold. Price is shown for reference only.
  • Lot of antique dress trim
  • Brown scallop trim and lavender scallop trim made in Germany
  • Tiny cording
  • Antique, brown ric rac
  • All pieces are dirty
  • Lengths are unknown


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This lot is sold. Price is shown for reference only.

Interesting lot of antique dress trim. There are two lengths of “Stay Straight Scallop” made in Germany. There is also  some brown ric rac,  blue, lace edging, and 12 skeins/hanks of tiny cording.

**It is all badly soiled and is being sold for the collectible value. The antiquity. You can possible use it, but I can’t guarantee it will hold up. I’ve also not tried to clean it other than brushing some of the dust off. I don’t know if it will come totally clean.

I’ve chosen to leave everything wrapped the way I found it, so I don’t know lengths.

  • Both of the scalloped, satin stitched trim have the remainders of a package that reads, “The Patent Thread – Stay Straight Scallop – Perfect Edge – Made In Germany – 6 Yards.” I feel sure there is no longer 6 yards left on either of them. One is brown, the other is lavender. There is evidence of the paper and bits of the lavender trim bring a bug’s lunch.
  • Tiny, blue, cotton, scallop edging. It appears to be 2 pieces of trim wrapped around a card. They are soiled, but otherwise fine.
  • 3 hanks of tiny, pink cording. Two of them may be single lengths, but one has some visible cut ends. They are badly soiled.
  • 5 hanks of black cording. Several look to be single lengths, but there are a couple of cut ends in one.
  • 1 hank of navy cording that appears to be a single length.
  • 3 hanks of black cording. They look fairly short. Two look to be single lengths, one has frayed ends.
  • 3/8″, brown, ric rac. There are a couple of different lengths here and several chewed places.