Vintage Satin Lavender Shoes Size 8 – Plus Lavender Pantyhose – Benzelli Lavender Pumps


These shoes are sold. Price is shown for reference only.

Vintage, Benzelli, lavender, satin pumps, size 8M, with matching pantyhose. I believe they are ca. late 1970s to early ’80s. The shoes are most likely dyed.

The heel of the shoe is 2-1/4″ high. Total length of shoe, from the toe point to the back of the heel is 10″. Ball of foot is about 2-3/4″.

Looking at the bottom, it’s obvious they were only worn once, probably as a bridesmaid. But bridesmaids do bump into things and stumble around sometimes.

There are a few, light, dirty spots. Some, here and there, are so light as to be barely there. But there is a dark, 1/4″ stain on the toe of the right shoe and some light stains on the grosgrain ribbon around the top that are more easily detected. These can actually be seen in the in the close-up pictures. I have not attempted to clean them. The spots are so small and unobtrusive that it doesn’t seem worth the risk. Especially since, well, I’ve been known to make things worse in the past. I’m sure you could do much better than I if you want them pristine.

The satin is a bit fuzzy in areas, which is very normal and expected.

The pantyhose have no label or size and are in excellent condition. The stretch is firm and there are no runs.

These are fun for a spring wedding or retro prom dress.


  • These shoes are sold. Price is shown for reference only.
  • Vintage Satin Lavender Shoes 
  • Pumps
  • Size 8 
  • Lavender Pantyhose included
  • Vintage Benzelli Shoes