Vintage Tin Clicker Harlequin Musician Graphic Made By US Metal Toy Mfg.


  • Vintage tin clicker
  • Harlequin lithograph
  • Harlequin wears black and white suit and plays a yellow guitar
  • US Metal Toy Mfg.
  • Very nice condition
  • Great for a New Year’s collectible!


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Vintage tin clicker with a lithograph of a harlequin musician. The thumb clicker is red. The Harlequin is wearing a black and white suit and is playing a yellow guitar. There are green bubbles or balloons above his head. There is a clown head litho at the base of the clicker.

The tin is folded over to the back and on that fold is, US Metal Toy Mfg. Co. Made In U.S.A.

There is very little wear and has a good, solid, loud click. It would be fun for a New Year’s collection!


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