Vintage Mother of Pearl Necklace Long Lariat with Teardrop Pendants


  • Sold!
  • Vintage mother of pearl necklace
  • Lariat necklace 
  • Teardrop pendants
  • White, silver and brown
  • 18″ from front base of neck to bottom
  • Bottom hits mid-torso


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We’re sorry, but this lovely mother of pearl necklace is sold. The price is shown for reference only.

Vintage, mother of pearl necklace, a long lariat with two teardrop pendants. The mother of pearl discs of the necklace are white and brown. Each disc is joined together by a large, gold-tone jump ring. The main length of the necklace is 24″. Two lengths, 9″ and 13″ are attached in the center ending with teardrop pendants. The total length from the base of the front of your neck would be approximately 18″. Depending on your height, the bottom of the necklace will hit somewhere between your mid-torso and your waist.