Vintage Hotel Soap from the Exchange Hotel in Montgomery Alabama


Vintage hotel soap from the Exchange Hotel in Montgomery AL. It’s a small bar (2″ x 1-1/4″) of Lux and the soap has retained it’s flower smell through all these years My best guess is that it was made about the 1960’s! The previous owner must have never run out of soap to have to open this one. Any hotel soap I’ve ever took home is long gone.

The paper wrapper is printed in lavender cross stitch and has LUX Toilet Soap Exchange Hotel Montgomery Ala. printed on it. It is soiled from years of being stored in a drawer, but is still charming.  

Hotel background:

In the 1800s,The Exchange Hotel was the largest and best hotel in Montgomery, and was where Jefferson Davis stayed when he first arrived there before his inauguration as president of the Confederacy. Unfortunately, the historic hotel was torn down in 1974.


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  • Vintage hotel soap
  • From Exchange Hotel in Montgomery Alabama
  • Lux soap 
  • Paper wrapper is lavender cross stitch with flowers
  • Still has its nice scent
  • Wrapper is soiled
  • Probably produced in the 1960’s
  • Hotel was torn down in 1974