Vintage Ceramic Miniature Boston Terrier 1″ Tall


  • This item is sold. Price is shown for reference only.
  • Miniature Boston Terrier
  • Made of ceramic
  • 1-1/8″ tall
  • Made in Japan
  • Very good condition
  • Perfect for dollhouse, shadowbox, altered art
  • Fun gift for Boston Terrier owner/collector



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This item  is sold. Price is shown for reference only.

Tiny, vintage, miniature Boston Terrier. He’s made of ceramic, is in a sitting position and measures a tiny 1-1/8″ tall. The black and white paint is crisp and clear and he has a high gloss glaze.

His size makes him a perfect dollhouse dog or shadowbox component.

He is in very good condition, I find no chips or nicks. There is a blue, oval sticker on the bottom where I can make out the words “House” and “Japan.” 

Nice gift for a Boston Terrier owner or collector. Or how about a miniature dog collection? This tiny, lead pug is also available.