Mid Century Dog and Cat Wood Pencil Holders


  • This item is sold. The price is shown for reference only.
  • Dog and cat pencil holders
  • Mid century, Danish Modern
  • Made of wood, probably walnut
  • 6″ tall
  • Very good condition


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This item is sold. The price is shown for reference only.

Adorable, mid century, dog and cat, wood, pencil holders. We don’t often see the set, but here they are. Together. As they should be, although the cat doesn’t look terribly happy about the situation.

The cat looks like a Siamese. His cheeks are wooden, glued on half rounds. His whiskers are stiff, brush plastic, his eyes painted on, his nose a red bead and his ears leather (or maybe pleather). One ear is bent down a bit and his whiskers aren’t angled like they were originally, but overall, he’s in very good condition. I don’t notice any scuffs, but there are some small nicks at the opening for the pencil. He is 6″ tall.

The dog has a carved nose, painted eyes and ears that move a bit. His head and ears do have some finish loss. Otherwise, he’s in very good condition. No scuffs or nicks. He is 5-1/2″ tall.

Both have felt on the bottom and “JAPAN” stamped on the back.