Shallow Oval McCoy Planter – Egg Shape


  • SOLD!
  • Shallow McCoy planter
  • Oval or egg shaped
  • Sides curl up and over
  • Ends are pinched outward
  • Reddish brown
  • Matte glaze
  • 11″
  • Very good condition


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Shallow McCoy planter,  in an oval or egg shape. The sides curl up and inward while the ends are pinched outward.

It is a reddish brown and has a matte finish. There are manufacturing paint runs. I attempted to show them in the pictures, but they simply did not photograph well. You do see them, but unless you’re underneath looking up, they aren’t readily noticeable.

It is 11″ x 7″ x 3″ and has four, molded feet. The clay of each foot has a bull’s eye design. The outside of the planter is smooth, while the inside is bumpy.

This shape is very good for succulents or bulbs.

It is marked “McCoy USA” and has a 99¢ Newberry’s sticker. I’m sure this design has a name, but I have not been able to find it in any McCoy book that I have, nor have I found it on the internet.


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