Red Children’s Vintage Moccasins


Vintage moccasins in a small, children’s size. They are red with blue and white beading. I can’t find a size, but they are 6″ long.

These are quite stiff and well worn, so are best suited for display. Use in a vignette or under a cloche. Use in a a Native American or western style room or child’s room.  

There are no broken stitches. The toes are soiled and the bottoms are scuffed from wear. The fringe is rolled upwards at the corners. 

I feel they are likely from the mid 1960’s.


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  • Vintage moccasins
  • Child’s size
  • 6″ long
  • Red with blue and white beading
  • Leather is stiff
  • Best used in decor/vignettes