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Somebody help! It’s almost Christmas!

Rhinestone pin on chippy painted drawer front

Am I the only one having a hard time getting in the mood to decorate for Christmas? I love Christmas! I love to get all the decorations out and place them! I love Christmas decorating! So what’s wrong with me this year? I just plain ol’ don’t wanna bother with it. But Erin came up yesterday and we were going to decorate. I’d gone to her house Saturday and we got one of her trees decorated and she was going to help me get started with decorating the house.

We pulled most of the boxes out and didn’t get much more done than that. Y’all know I’ve never shied away from showing my messes in all their glory, so here’s the Christmas box mess:

This doesn’t include the 4 boxes of tree ornaments and some other boxes that were to high and too wedged for us to get down. Nor does it include the big, gold, aluminum tree or the several small trees. But, as you can see, it does include a chair full of laundry that needs to be taken care of and a stack of Halloween pumpkins in the back of the room (with a box on top of it?). You don’t see the fall wreath, the raincoat, a big stuffed snowman, etc. And please pretend the hideous green chair is really covered in some awesome fabric. It will be. Someday. I just haven’t found it yet.

We did get a couple of little trees decorated, but I didn’t get pictures of them yet. They’re not in place. But this is what little was done.

Bottle brush tree in an aqua canning jar with Epsom salt for snow.


I put a couple of trees in blue Ball jars with Epson Salt for the snow. Not sure I like the effect, though. The salt is so white and the tree is so not white.

Put a festive pin on top of a drawer knob. Actually, I did this last week.

And that’s it. What? You expected more? Ha! I guess I’ll be forced to do something now that everything’s drug out, but I don’t wanna!