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More Fun With Gutter Guards – Gutter Guard Craft

Gutter Guard Easel


Gutter Guard Photo Holder 

Here’s another gutter guard craft for you! You know I’ve said I rarely have an original idea and that’s true, but I think this one was all mine. Which would explain the lack of hurrahs and applause and the “how did you ever think of that” comments. But in the event you would like to make one of your own, here are the super simple instructions.

The gutter guard, which I believe is still made, originally looks like this:

Gutter Guard Cloche




Turn it upside down so that the tines are standing up. Using some needle nose pliers, curl the front few tines so that the very front tines are lower than the side tines. And there you have it. A picture or plate easel.

Gutter Guard Easel


The hardest part is finding the gutter guard. 

You can see the gutter guard cloche using a different type guard here Gutter Guard Cloche.