Vintage Uncle Wiggily Game Pieces – Metal Uncle Wiggly


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Authentic vintage, Uncle Wiggily game pieces. These are from the 1950s or earlier. There are only three, metal, Uncle Wiggily pieces. There is no board and it is not a complete set of pieces. The pieces are as follows:

* Three, metal Uncle Wiggilies – Yellow, green and blue.

* Five, plastic discs – Black, navy, white, green and red.

* Four unfinished wood, plain, thick discs.

* Four, wood, cylinders that hold metal discs. The paint on these cylinders and the discs is very worn and faded.
The colors and number of metal discs are:
Green – 8 discs
Red – 7 discs
Yellow – 4 discs
Blue – 7 discs

* 68 white (now yellowed to a creamy color) cards with numbers. IE:
2 — If you will help Uncle Wiggily along
Give him two hops and sing a song.

* 34 Red cards. IE:
The unpleasant Woozle Bug makes Uncle Wiggily go back three hops. A bad chap is the Woozle Bug.


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This item is sold. Price is shown for reference only.

Authentic, vintage Uncle Wiggily game pieces with 3 metal Uncle Wiggilies.